About Us

Hi there, I’m Maria!

And, just like you, I LOVE crafting. The hobby that takes the number one spot in my heart is off-loom bead weaving. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the art of stitching beads together using a beading needle and thread to create amazing pieces of jewelry.

I originally started this business simply because I wanted to share my love of beading with the world. Later, I realised I could help others by eliminating the problems that I encountered when I began learning this skill. I couldn’t find all the information I needed in one place and it wasn’t always quality content that I found. I spent a lot of time trying to develop my beading skills and it was incredibly frustrating at times.

I stuck with it and I’m so glad I did. Eventually, I began teaching jewelry-making classes and even owned a bead shop for a few years.

It turns out that my story is a familiar one to aspiring beaders. I’ve heard time and again how confusing it can to just get started, how discouraging it is to struggle with complex tutorials and how maddening it is when there’s no-one around to help.

That’s what I aim to fix.

The days, I have one simple goal — to make bead weaving easy by providing the simple, practical tools and resources that you need.

Beading is supposed to be fun! If you have to spend hours searching for the answers you need or simple tutorials you can actually complete, then you’re more likely to give up. And, I don’t want that at all.

Here’s how I can help:

Step-by-Step Patterns

Take your beading skills to the next level with my detailed beading patterns. Each pattern includes step-by-step photos with instructions so you know just what to do from start to finish, plus a full materials list so you never run out of beads in the middle of a project again.

Regular Expert Content

Discover helpful beading tips and fun tutorials on The Bead Club Lounge blog.

Interested? Shop Our Beading Patterns!

Ready to enjoy that sense of accomplishment you’re entitled to after you transform a simple pile of beads into stunning jewelry?